Nursing Home Fun

Aidan came up with this impromptu commercial for his own nursing home, Nursing Home Fun. Uploaded using FlipShare.
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        Certified Nursing Assistant – STOP NOW! This Is Unbelievable!

        Nursing – Human Touch

        To be a nurse, you have to be passionate about taking care of others, especially the sick. If you have that genuine desire to help others, then you should consider nursing as a vocation. Call it by any name, a health assistant, aide for personal attention, or a qualified help for nursing, the nature of the responsibilities do not change.

        As a nursing assistant, your job will be to help prepare the initial report of the visible bodily symptoms besides noting the age, weight and the status of the health of the patient visiting the clinic or the hospital. You may have to help people into the consulting chamber, make inquiries about the sicknesses of the patient and generally prepare him for the doctor’s visit.


        Also, he or she reports to a nurse who is his senior. The job involves looking after patients which would include giving bath, helping patient put on clothes, giving food, and attending to the call of buzzers and lights. You will be responsible for noting the progress of the patient.



        They also have opportunities to find placement in hospitals, clinics, healthcare units or even as home nurses. One of the noble opportunities is to look after the terminally ill patients. It is important to learn that a nursing assistant should not get affected by observing a patient die. The decision to become one should be taken after a very careful consideration.

        How to Qualify

        There are programs that impart education leading to certification. Red Cross is one the best place to get this training. While undergoing the training, you become proficient in the field of looking after the sick; you are taught about scientific nomenclatures related to your field, ability to talk effectively with patients and communicate your superiors, know all about human body, learn to patiently look after persons suffering from difficulties of Alzheimer Disease and much more.

        The program also involves practical training besides theoretical instructions. Towards the end of the training, the prospective nursing assistants are made aware of the way in which they could start their career after certification. They are also advised how to conduct themselves in the interest of career advancement as the time goes by.

        Besides Red Cross, there are other avenues for qualifying as a nursing assistant. These include medical colleges and government controlled community institutions. A person is free to choose from the courses available to prepare himself for becoming a certified nursing assistant. Education is imparted by registered professional nurses. Consolidate your theoretical knowledge with good practical experience before being certified as a nursing assistant.


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