A professional caregiver from Odisha

Mathura Bag is an effervescent young girl working for Life Circle in Hyderabad. She has been working with us as a professional caregiver for one and a half years. Trained at Shriram New Horizons, she has worked with patients with numerous conditions. She assists patients with activities of daily living, offers mobility assistance, manages medication, feeds patients through Ryles tube,  etc.

Describing her experiences, she spoke of a senior client who has special toileting needs after a spinal cord surgery. Helping him maintain his dignity and assisting him perform toileting tasks is an important part of her job.

Training for Toileting support

Like her, many caregivers in Life Circle assist their clients with toileting, prevent toileting accidents, care for perineal hygiene, assist clients with special toileting needs or change diapers. They understand the importance of preserving modestly and privacy while offering care.

Toileting is a very important aspect of Professional caregiving. At Life Circle we understand that it is an area that requires sensitivity and thorough training. We also educate our caregivers and ensure that they adopt precautionary measures like wearing latex gloves if they come in contact with bodily fluids, urine or stools. Preventing infection is important for caregiver safety.

Caregiving – a gratifying career

Long before Mathura became a professional caregiver, she used to care for her aunt back in her village in Odisha. She assisted her with toileting on a daily basis. She chose to be a professional caregiver because she likes to serve people. She truly understood what it entails.

Mathura loves her job and says that her career as a caregiver has enriched her life in many ways. She was touched by the motherly love showered on her by one of her clients.  Talking of the lady, she says “My mother passed away when I was a child and she loved me like a mother.”

Mathura was able to help her family cope with financial difficulties and is proud of what she has been able to achieve.

Caregiving is a noble profession. At Life Circle, we acknowledge that there is a sense of dignity, pride and honor in this work. We ensure that our caregivers have their basic needs met and provide safe work environments for them. We help them learn and grow as they work. 

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